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We are the only global mining operation – not affected by issues like energy price spikes, hardware shortages, governmental issues or fixed, stationary locations.

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0.10 US dollars

Available 100M Tokens

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0.35 US dollars

Available 150M Tokens

35% Bonus

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0.50 US dollars

Available 130M Tokens

25% Bonus

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0.65 US dollars

Available 120M Tokens

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AfexCoin Features

Our goal is to become the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, fully utilizing the Blockchain technology, delivering propositions for new users of unparalleled value, and offering strong returns for investors.

Lowest Transaction Cost

A better way to present your money using fully featured digital

Safe Smart Contracts

A better way to present your money using fully featured digital

Fast Blockchain Protocol

A better way to present your money using fully featured digital

We choose One

Directly trade, using any conceivable payment method

we are developing a new kind of cryptocurrency trading platform. To become a game-changer we are prepared to regulate our services, which can be launched worldwide with unique features for fiat, cryptocurrencies, physical and digital assets

Buy Tokens and get 50% Bonus

What Do We Do?

Creating a win-win for everyone

We want to blur the line between the cryptocurrency merchants and ordinary consumers. We will popularize the cryptocurrency by giving free admission, and by helping people understand and confide what we believe to be the future of money.

Buy Tokens and get 50% Bonus


Pricing & Values

Token Name :


Pre-ICO or/and ICO start time :

Pre-ICO sale 12.00am - October 28th
ICO sale: 12.00am - October 30th

Available Token :

500 (Millions)

Token Symbol :


Pre-ICO or/and ICO end time :

Pre-ICO sale: 11.59pm - October 29th
ICO sale: 11.59pm - January 14th

Acceptable Currency :


Token Sale

Token Sale Proceeds

  • interconnection Dev.
  • Marketing & General
  • Mobile Ad Platform
  • Ad Platform Integration
  • Operational Overhead
Token Distribution

Token Distribution

  • ICO Sale
  • Build Out
  • Team & Advisers
  • Private Investors
  • Bounty


April 2018
Development of the scoring model
March 2019
ICO on Sales
September 2019
The distribution of token
March 2020
Development of the product for hedging crypto wallets
October 2018
Starting of private, and pre-ico Sale
May 2019
Ico Sale
December 2019
Listing of the afexcoin on major exchange platforms like Binance, Afexcoin, CEX,

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us. Whitepaper is the central document of the ICO. It should clearly and briefly convey to potential investors the essence of the concept, its technical aspects and the prospects for investing in it.

This document should be given special attention, since most of the crypto-currency investors make a decision to invest in ICO on the basis of Whitepaper analysis. The criteria for a quality Whitepaper are described in our presentation.


Our Team Members

Katrina Tamburrano


Katrina Tamburrano


Randy Lesley


Randy Lesley


Janet Bailey

DDos Analysits

Janet Bailey

DDos Analysits

Andrea Gyan

Web Programmer

Andrea Gyan

Web Programmer

Sasha Tombstone


Sasha Tombstone



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?
  • How do I benefit from the ICO Token?
  • Why Afexcoin is better than other?
  • Does Afexcoin rewards referral?
  • How to buy Afexcoin Token?
  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today?

You can use ethereum and bitcoin to purchase afexcoin token

Everyone who has the afexcoin token has great advantages because of our in-stock products. Our products like exchange platform will always make the price of our token stabilised. Because our token will always be the base coin to trade against on our platform. We have a private server that services the world which is an added advantage to afexcion token and many more!

Afexcoin is a decentralized digital asset exchange for coins and tokens. Our mission is to make the world of digital asset trading safer, convenient, enjoyable and trusted by taking all of the steps necessary in order to be compliant with global regulatory frameworks, KYC / AML policies and all other applicable legislations.

Afexcoin gives 10% of total token bought by the new member to the referral

Click on buy token button, you will be directed to register. After registration, a mail will be sent to your email for confirmation. Login to your user panel and click on Wallet to deposit Ethereum or Bitcoin of the amount of token you want to buy. Then click on the Buy token on your user panel, your deposited eth or btc will be used to purchase the token.


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